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Why training is important

Training provides tips on how to spot fake identification, handle difficult situations, identify intoxication and prevent over-service. This training helps to enhance the cooperation between the sales and service industry, the community and local and state governments. By taking this pro-active approach, your job will be easier and the quality of life for our community will be better.

Training helps licensees and employees develop the knowledge and skills needed to support responsible alcohol sales and service.

Classes cover the following topics:

  • Behavioral cues

  • How to spot fake IDs

  • Hands on practice checking IDs

  • New Oregon laws regarding sale of alcohol & tobacco

  • Certificate of completion

  • Q&A with OLCC officer

Establishments have responsibilities for proper sales and service of alcohol in their communities and training helps reinforce that responsibility. Training can also reduce personal liability and risk in the case of a lawsuit or injury as well as possible protection from legal consequences.