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An Educational, interactive Workshop

The Oregon Friendly Driver program is a FREE 60 MINUTE INTERACTIVE COURSE that educates people driving on the safest and friendliest ways to share the road with people on bikes or on foot.

If you represent a business, we will come to your workplace and provide employees with the skills and knowledge to make the roads safer and more enjoyable for all road users. If you are an individual that wants to attend a class, that's great too! We will host community based classes, just let us know that you are interested.  

Oregon Friendly Driver is geared towards professional drivers, such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, and other professionals that spend time on the roads.

The class, sponsored by ODOT, is geared towards people who drive for work, such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, contractors, and other employees that spend a lot of time on the roads. Unlike a bicycle safety or pedestrian safety class, this class is designed specifically for drivers to learn how to be a friendly driver.

To be an Oregon Friendly Driver, you will learn about:

  • The rights and responsibilities of all road users.

  • How to avoid common crashes that could involve people bicycling or walking.

  • How to drive correctly through bicycling and walking specific road features such as sharrows, bike boxes, green lanes and crosswalks.

Upon successful completion of the class, participants will receive an Oregon Friendly Driver certificate and sticker, which can be displayed on their vehicle.