What We Do

Motor vehicle crashes are a public health issue that continues to affect our community. In 2015, 445 Oregonians were killed in motor vehicle crashes and 41,675 were injured. Lane County led the state with more traffic fatalities than any other county in Oregon – 57 killed and 3,242 injured. Nationally, there was an 8 percent increase in traffic fatalities, the largest increase in 50 years, with Oregon at the top of the list with a 27 percent increase. Safe Lane Transportation Coalition (SLTC) works to reduce the number of severe and fatal crashes in Lane County by evaluating the best safety practices from across the United States, and partnering with local agencies to implement new and effective safety initiatives.

Strategies to reduce traffic fatalities include a combination of engineering solutions to create safer roadways, educating people about safer practices, and improving enforcement and emergency response services. Supporting high-visibility Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) enforcement is a key area of focus for SLTC.


In 2015, the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (CLMPO) and Lane County began collaborating on an innovative planning process to address the growing need to prioritize safety throughout our transportation system. Their efforts created a regional safety action plan, The Safe Lane, that set the groundwork for systematic changes to our transportation system. To implement the vision and goals set out in the Safe Lane Action Plan, CLMPO and Lane County, with the support from the Oregon Department of Transportation, created the Safe Lane Transportation Coalition. This program focuses on reducing fatal and severe crashes in our region through education, outreach, and enforcement efforts.